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President of Kyrgyzstan urges to take care of nature and not to litter

The President of Kyrgyzstan, after participating in the cleaning of Issyk-Kul lake, wrote a post on Facebook and complained that its bottom was littered with garbage and fishing nets.

«Most of these nets are already old and have laid in the lake for a long time. The heart bleeds seeing in them tangled fish, carcasses of ducks and other inhabitants of the lake. It is also sad that our divers find the nets again in those places where they have already cleaned up, having made a lot of effort. Why is there such indifference and heartlessness to the native lake? There are still those who teach how to take care of the environment, thinking they are experts,» he wrote.

Sadyr Japarov added that Kyrgyzstanis «used to leaving garbage in the same place after a meal, being too lazy to bring it to a special bin.»

He recalled that he was on Sary-Chelek, where the bottom of the lake is not littered with old nets and garbage. But there are reports that the situation is alarming on other large lake, Son-Kul. The President promises to take it under strict control.

«Dear compatriots, I want to call on all of you to respect and preserve the beautiful nature of Kyrgyzstan, which is an invaluable gift. Let’s not live for today, but save our environment, lakes and rivers for future generations. I especially appeal to vacationers on our lakes and pastures, if you come across garbage left by someone else on your way, then do not pass by — collect it. It won’t take you much; you are having a rest at this place now, in a year your children will come here, and later grandchildren will come. Let everyone start cultivating a caring attitude towards nature,» the head of state called on the people of the country.

According to him, no one will root for our nature, no one will come and clean it up.