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Incidence of vaccine-preventable infections grows in Kyrgyzstan

An increase in the incidence of vaccine-preventable infections has been registered in Kyrgyzstan. The Department of Disease Prevention and State Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision reported.

According to it, the incidence of whooping cough increased 1.5 times. At least 107 cases were registered from January to May compared to three cases in 2022.

The incidence of measles increased 3.3 times — 236 cases were registered, not a single case was registered in 2022. High incidence rates are registered in Osh and Osh region.

The incidence of tuberculosis increased by 3.5 percent; 1,440 cases were registered compared to 1,375 in 2022. The highest rates are in Chui region and Bishkek.

There is also a four-fold increase in the incidence of meningitis. At least 58 cases were registered compared to 15 (0.2 percent) cases in 2022. High rates are registered in Bishkek.