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Kyrgyzstanis refuse vaccinations more often

More than 22,000 refusals of routine vaccination were registered in Kyrgyzstan in 2023. The Director of the Republican Center for Immunoprophylaxis Gulbara Ishenapysova told at a briefing.

According to her, compared to 2022, there was an increase — only 12,000 refusals were registered then. The increase is due, among other things, to the introduction of an integrated health information system.

«Up to 48 percent of refusals are related to religious beliefs, more than 40 percent — to doubts about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, another 10 percent refuse for other reasons,» Gulbara Ishenapysova said.

She noted that statistics on refusals were introduced in 2016.

«This is one of the important indicators for us. A lot has been done in terms of reducing the number of refusals of vaccinations for religious reasons together with the Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims. As a result, the refusal rate has dropped from 78 percent (in 2016-2017) to 48 percent (in 2023). Our leadership is always sounding the alarm on this issue,» the head of the center said.

Recall, nine children died in Kyrgyzstan last year from complications of measles. According to health professionals, all of them were not vaccinated.