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Volunteers hold rally against shooting of stray dogs in Bishkek

Volunteers held a rally against shooting of stray dogs in front of the Embassy of Turkey in Bishkek.

According to the participant of the protest Aigul Alymkulova, state bodies are inhumane towards animals.

«Volunteers save animals from shooting, treat them. This is inhumane, because we can spay dogs. Employees of Tazalyk municipal enterprise shoot dogs in front of children and they are afraid to go out after that. We write statements to the police, but there is no result. We are for spaying and humane treatment of animals. The State Veterinary Inspectorate deals only with cattle, heads of house committees use arsenic not against rats, but against dogs. There are cases when pets get poisoned,» she said.

The volunteer explained that the rally participants came to the building of the diplomatic mission because Turkey, where tourism is developed, humanely treats animals.

 «Tourists do not come to a country where stray animals are treated cruelly. Many developed countries refuse shooting. It is known that tourism contributes to development of the economy as it is the best way out of poverty. Our republic has all the prerequisites for ecotourism, but cruelty to animals can have the opposite effect,» Aigul Alymkulova said.