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Sadyr Japarov promises tough requirements for new Cabinet of Ministers

Parliament of Kyrgyzstan approved the appointment of a new Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers and the composition of the government. The officials took the oath of office in the presence of the President of the country today.

Sadyr Japarov called on the ministers to get down to work as soon as possible and reminded about the coming winter. «As leaders, you are obliged to bring the republic out of the difficult situation. The requirements will be tough. Citizens’ appeals should not be ignored. You must be familiar with the life of the people. You have to know the problems of the regions in detail. Work closely with Parliament, local authorities. There is no need to sit and collect statistics, give orders. We will immediately remove such people from work,» he said.

The head of state expressed hope that this composition of the government will work stably and for a longer period. «I undertook a commitment a year ago. I don’t refuse it. The time for criticism has passed. All conditions for work have been created,» he added.