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22-year-old Kyrgyzstani suspected of abuse of 6-7-year-old girls in Talas

A 22-year-old Kyrgyzstani is suspected of abuse of 6-7-year-old girls in Talas. The Internal Affairs Department of the region informed 24.kg news agency.

Four women filed a complaint with the police. They said that a young man, 22, living in the neighborhood took their 6-7-year-old daughters into his house and committed lecherous actions.

The fact was registered under article 165 «Sexual abuse» of the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic. Pre-trial proceedings have begun. A forensic medical examination was appointed.

According to the data of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Kyrgyz Republic, 1,101 criminal cases were registered in the republic in 2020, where minors are the victims, more than 150 cases of them are related to crimes of a sexual nature. At least 57 citizens suspected of sexual violence against children were arrested. There is no exact information on the number of prosecuted citizens.