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Aksakals demand from SCNS not to interfere in affairs of muftiyat

Rally was held near the government building in Bishkek. Members of Bakai Council of Aksakals demanded from the State Committee for National Security of Kyrgyzstan (SCNS) not to interfere in the affairs of the muftiyat.

According to one of the participants, Anvarbek Tolomushev, the election of the country’s mufti Zamir Rakiyev was illegal.

«There were seven candidates in the elections besides Zamir Rakiyev. But due to pressure from the State Committee for National Security, six people withdrew their candidacies. Sultan Gafurov wanted to participate, but he was detained near muftiyat building and taken to the State Committee for National Security before the exam. As a delegate of Kurultai, I was also detained that day. But two hours later they let me go, asking for forgiveness. So, the candidacy of Sultan Gafurov was also removed, citing his absence from the exam. So, Zamir Rakiyev was elected a mufti,» Anvarbek Tolomushev said.

He believes that the head of the State Commission on Religious Affairs Toigonbai Abdykadyrov has also been appointed to his post through the State Committee for National Security. As he noted, both Zamir Rakiyev and Toigonbai Abdykadyrov are the followers of Fethullah Gulen.

«Toigonbai Abdykadyrov is a friend of Kamchybek Tashiev. He came to office thanks to his assistance. He arranges intrigues,» Anvarbek Tolomushev believes.

In this regard, the aksakals demanded to remove the head of the Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims of Kyrgyzstan (SDMK) Zamir Rakiyev from his post and to appoint a follower of the «traditional» religion in his place.

«We also demand to appoint a competent person to the post of chairman of the State Committee on Religions Affairs, and not an illiterate friend of Kamchybek Tashiev,» Anvarbek Tolomushev said.

In addition, the human rights activist called on bring the SCNS officers to justice and to stop the security officers’ interference in the affairs of the SDMK and the State Commission on Religious Affairs.

Anvarbek Tolomushev also added that the employees of the SDMK can not get their wages for the eighth month due to the fact that the directorate’s accounts were blocked after the arrest of the former head of the muftiyat Maksat Toktomushev.