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Changes in EAEU migration policy could affect Kyrgyzstanis

«Changes in the migration policy of the Eurasian Economic Union can significantly affect the life of labor migrants from Kyrgyzstan,» an expert Igor Shestakov said today during an online conference.

According to him, the requirement for migrants to download and use Travel without COVID-19 application to enter Russia came into force recently.

«A year ago, it was possible to fly from Kyrgyzstan to Russia on special conditions. Now we see that one can easily buy a ticket to Moscow after installing a special application. This is a fairly prompt response to current realities. We will most likely live with a PCR test for a long time. Labor migration has remained a trend in our country and the steps that are being taken are very relevant,» Igor Shestakov noted.

The expert also reminded that compared to last year, the level of remittances increased by 41 percent.

«This suggests that the processes of labor migration have not only stabilized, but entered a new, post-pandemic reality,» Igor Shestakov concluded.