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Health Ministry of Kyrgyzstan names vaccines that passed state registration

Gam-COVID-Vak (Sputnik V), Sputnik Light, Convidecia (manufacturer — Petrovax Pharm) have passed state registration in Kyrgyzstan. An inactivated Sinopharm vaccine was imported in form of humanitarian aid. Head of the pharmacovigilance sector of the Department of Medicines and Medical Devices under the Ministry of Health and Social Development Zhyldyz Zhumagulova said at a briefing.

According to her, the import and use of vaccines on the territory of Kyrgyzstan is possible after state registration, inclusion in a special list of drugs temporarily allowed for import and medical use without registration (vaccines against COVID-19 are included in it), import in form of humanitarian aid in case of emergency situations (in case of registration in the country-manufacturer or donor country).

«Vaccines against COVID-19 are new vaccines that are potentially created on new technology platforms and have not previously been used to release already registered vaccines. Their use is approved on the basis of available safety data from clinical trials. Based on this, monitoring of adverse effects and timely response play an important role in the safety of vaccines,» she said.