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Kyrgyzstan has medicines for COVID-19 treatment for three months

Medicines for treatment of COVID-19 will last for three months in Kyrgyzstan. The First Deputy Chairwoman of the Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund (CMIF), Klara Oskombaeva, told at a briefing.

«The treatment of COVID-19 is currently being carried out in accordance with the fifth version of the Clinical Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment of Coronavirus Infection, according to which there are 52 names of medicines in healthcare organizations. But due to the frequent infection of the elderly and people with chronic diseases that aggravate the course of the disease, the list of drugs has been expanded to 95,» she said.

She noted that the list includes anticoagulants, antiplatelet agents, antipyretics, antibacterial drugs, cough and mucolytic drugs, thrombolytics / fibrinolytics, hormonal and immunological drugs, solutions and others.

Klara Oskombaeva remanded that inpatient treatment of patients diagnosed with coronavirus infection in state medical institutions is provided free of charge to all patients. «All medical services, including drug provision, are paid from the republican budget,» the CMIF First Deputy Chairwoman Klara Oskombaeva noted.