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60 percent of Kyrgyzstanis believe that police officers use torture

The Coalition Against Torture, together with M-Vector the research company, conducted a survey to find out what the Kyrgyzstanis know about torture.

The experts found out that about 40 percent of the detainees are explained their rights. The national survey showed that the population is sufficiently aware of cases of torture in law enforcement agencies, taking into account that about a third of the respondents stated that their relatives / friends / acquaintances were tortured.

At least 11 percent have personally experienced torture. About 81 percent of the respondents to one degree or another support the use of torture, and only 15 percent of the respondents believe that torture is unacceptable under any circumstances.

During the survey, cases of torture against those who were not officially detained and interrogated, had no conflict with law enforcement officers were revealed.

Respondents reported the use of violence against them, but not torture. According to analysts, this state of affairs may indicate that the respondents had in mind other types of torture, not related to violent forms of physical pressure.

At least 60 percent of respondents with detention experience believe that torture is most common in the police.

Some 51 percent of the respondents believe that torture is widespread and is a common practice, 32 percent believe that torture occurs in individual cases.

Every fifth respondent had conflict situations with law enforcement agencies and every third of them said that they were subjected to violence or a real threat of violence by law enforcement officers.