USD 84.76
EUR 100.89
RUB 1.16

Exchange rate of U.S. dollar close to 85 soms in Kyrgyzstan

U.S. dollar has appreciated by 30 tyiyns since beginning of the week in Kyrgyzstan. However, the exchange rate of the ruble and tenge remains stable.

Today, exchange offices of the capital and commercial banks buy the dollars for 84.55-84.6 soms, and sell for 84.8-84.9 soms.

The nominal rate was set by the National Bank at 84.664 soms (0.02 percent growth).

At the same time, the Russian ruble retains its positions. It is bought for 1.155-1.16 soms and sold for 1.17-1.19 soms. Its official exchange rate is 1.1698 soms (0.26 percent drop). Tenge costs 0.18-0.205 soms with the nominal exchange rate of 0.198 soms (0.45 percent drop).