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Draft Criminal and Criminal Procedure Codes submitted to Parliament

Drafts of new Criminal and Criminal Procedure Codes were submitted to the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan. Representatives of the Prosecutor General’s Office announced it at a round table discussion on the reform of criminal legislation.

Earlier, the Prosecutor General Kurmankul Zulushev said that the Codes would be submitted to the Parliament by June 7. However, as the members of the working group explained, the editing was completed last week only.

As a result of the amendments, the Misdemeanor Code was abolished, the concept of «plea agreement» was abolished and an administrative arrest of up to five days for domestic violence was introduced. If a man, after an administrative sanction, continues to beat his wife, then he will face a criminal penalty of up to five years in prison; community service is offered as an alternative (if the accused is the only breadwinner in the family).

The new criminal legislation has an article for obstructing the activities of journalists.

Criminal liability has also been introduced for children’s evasion from supporting their parents and parents’ evasion from supporting their children. The categories on fines and terms of imprisonment have been abolished.