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Tajikistan: Border detachment stationed at agreed site

The border troops of the State Committee for National Security of Tajikistan announced that their detachment at the border with Kyrgyzstan was stationed on an agreed territory. In such a way the state committee commented on the statement of the Border Service of the State Committee for National Security of the Kyrgyz Republic on installation of a container in disputed area.

«According to the protocol agreement, the border detachment was stationed on the agreed territory. On the other side, a border post of the Kyrgyz Republic with proper infrastructure has been established on the Karamyk pass section. This deployment ensures the principle of parity in the protection of the state border of two neighboring states until completion of the process of delimitation, demarcation and its legal registration,» statement of the border troops of Tajikistan, published by the Tajik Khovar.tj media outlet says.

The Tajik side began to install a container on a disputed section of the border in Unzhu-Bulak area of ​ Chon-Alai district today at 03.00 am, having penetrated 1 kilometer into the territory of Kyrgyzstan. By 6.00, the Tajiks moved 600 meters away from the installed container.