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Bishkek hosts International Show Jumping Competition

The equestrian school in Bishkek hosted the stages of the Eurasian League Nations Cup and the Eurasian League Show Jumping World Cup.

An athlete from Uzbekistan Saidamirkhon Turganbaev on Kornet BS took the 1st place on the route 1 (120 centimeters) on the first day of the competition. Andrey Tryapitsin (Kyrgyzstan) on a horse named Florizel took the 2nd place. Saidamirkhon Turganbaev also took the third place, but on another horse — Kastania.

Bekzod Kurbanov and King Cornet L (Uzbekistan) were the best on the route 2 (140 centimeters), Rinat Galimov and Koko-Pala (Kyrgyzstan) took the second place, Kamil Sabitov and Hamilton (Kyrgyzstan) took the 3rd place.

Competitions on the Grand Prix World Cup route with obstacles up to 140-150 centimeters high, as well as Imarat-Progress Cup (125-130 centimeters) were held on the second day of the tournament.

Athletes from Uzbekistan became the winners and prize-winners in the first type. Umid Kamilov and Numero Uno took the 1st place, the second and third — Bekzod Kurbanov with King Cornet L and Sir Stenographer.

The Kyrgyzstani Andrei Tryapitsin at Florizel took the 1st place in the second type, Saidamirkhon on Kastania won a silver medal, and Khurshid Alimdzhanov on Cordon Blue won the bronze medal.

Bakhromjon Gaziev and Ethos won a victory at Umut and Co Cup (130 centimeters) on the third day of the competition. Turgunbaev Saidamirkhon and Kastania took the second place, the third — Azam Tolibaev and Lady.

The second stage of the Eurasian League Nations Cup took place on the final day. The winner of the team tournament was determined on a route with obstacles of 125-140 centimeters high in two rounds.

The team of Uzbekistan consisting of Bekzod Kurbanov, Nurzhan Tuyakbaev, Umid Kamilov, Okil Sobirzhonov showed the best result. Russia took the second place, represented by Vadim Cherevan, Svetlana Toropova, Nuriev Kheiradin, Olesya Tereshchenko.

The team of Kyrgyzstan entered the top three. The national team consisted of Kamil Sabitov, Sadyr Mamytov, Rinat Galimov, Andrey Tryapitsin.

The competition ended with route 8. Khurshid Alimdzhanov and Kondr (Uzbekistan) took the 1st place, Sofia Markelova and Chari-Vari (Kyrgyzstan) — the second, Dmitry Tishkov and Gregor (Kazakhstan) — the 3rd place.