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Ulukbek Maripov visits seven-year-old disabled Bilal

Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Ulukbek Maripov visited a seven-year-old boy with disabilities. Government officials told 24.kg news agency.

Social media users earlier told about Sonunbu Satarova, who is raising two children. Her eight-year-old daughter cannot go to school due to red taping, and her son Bilal is disabled since birth and needs constant care.

Ulukbek Maripov visited the family not by accident. Facebook users tagged him in their posts and asked to render support to the woman raising two children alone.

«Every mother of a child with special needs should feel support from the state and society. We must be more tolerant of each other, help those in need, show tolerance and respect. Feelings of empathy make us better and stronger. May your children not get sick, grow up smart and everyone please you with their success!» the head of the Cabinet of Ministers said.

Ulukbek Maripov also resolved the education issue for Sonunbu Satarova’s daughter, and she can attend an educational institution from September 1.

The family of Sonunbu Satarova received financial aid and a cell phone for online education of the woman’s eight-year-old daughter.