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Murder of Aizada Kanatbekova: Kidnapper was tried

Kidnapper of Aizada Kanatbekova, Zamirbek Tenizbaev, had a criminal record. The head of the Criminal Police Service of the Central Internal Affairs Department of Bishkek Ulan Aitbaev told at a press conference.

According to him, Zamirbek Tenizbaev had been serving a sentence in Russia for a robbery for six years.

«According to preliminary data, the kidnapper was married and had two children. According to the suspect’s brother, he returned to Kyrgyzstan from Russia in 2017. Zamirbek Tenizbaev worked for a taxi service, he had lived in a car for the last few months,» Ulan Aitbaev said.

Nurlan Utemisov, the head of the Investigation Service of the Central Internal Affairs Department, said that three knife wounds were found on the suspect’s body, one of which was deep.

«One stab wound hit his carotid artery. Most likely, he inflicted it on himself with his left hand. The girl was strangled by a T-shirt. The suspect had a bag with a change of clothes in the car,» Nurlan Utemisov said.

Aizada Kanatbekova, 26, was abducted on April 5. Footage of the incident was posted on social media. Two days later, she and her abductor were found dead. This story shocked the Kyrgyzstanis. They are outraged that the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not draw any conclusions from the tragedy of Burulai.

Rallies against violence will be held in Bishkek and Osh cities today.