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Almost a third of Kyrgyzstan’s population are poor at year-end 2020

The poverty level of the population of Kyrgyzstan at year-end 2020 reached 31 percent. The head of the World Bank Office in the Kyrgyz Republic Naveed Hassan Naqvi told reporters today.

According to him, the poverty rate was 20 percent in 2019. About 60 percent of the republic’s population was close to this line. Any shock could hit them hard. As a result, the poverty rate increased by 11 percent last year.

«The main reasons for the poverty rate growth were job loss and rise in inflation. The second reason influenced the situation more strongly,» Naveed Hassan Naqvi said.

«In 2020, people spent the savings they had on the fight against coronavirus. If something happens this year, they will simply have no funds. We expect that the poverty level in Kyrgyzstan will grow by 4 more percent — up to 35 percent by the end of 2021,» he said.