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At least 14 roads to be blocked for repair in Bishkek

Movement of traffic will be temporarily restricted on some sections of 14 streets in Bishkek. Press service of the City Hall of the capital reported.

Reconstruction of roads is to be resumed from March 15 within the framework of the second phase of Development of Road Network project at the expense of the PRC grant.

A temporary restriction on movement of vehicles is imposed:

  • on Karkyra Street — from Gagarin Street to Ak-Ordo Street to Ak-Ordo housing estate;
  • on Tugolbai Ata Street — from Ibraimov Street to Orozbekov Street;
  • on Aibiyke Street — from Gagarin Street to the railway crossing to Ak-Ordo housing estate;
  • on Azhybek Baatyr Street — from Dzhunusaliev to Manas Avenue;
  • on Zhunusaliev Street (Bakaev on electronic maps) — from Abdyrakhmanov Street to Masaliev Street to Archa-Beshik housing estate;
  • on Stadionnaya Street — from Abdrakhmanov Street to Magistralnaya Street to Yntymak housing estate;
  • on Kokchetavskaya Street — from Mahatma Gandhi Street to Togolok Moldo Street;
  • on Tashkentskaya Street — from Turusbekov Street to Togolok Moldo Street;
  • on Novaya Street — from Lenskaya Street to Zhenish housing estate;
  • on Sukhe-Bator Street — from Karalaev Street to 7 April Street;
  • on Koybagarov Street — from Zhukeev-Pudovkin Street to Karalaev Street;
  • on Fere Street — from Togolok Moldo Street to Kurmanjan Datka Street;
  • on Budyonny Street — from Chui Avenue to Zhibek Zholu Avenue;
  • on Ogonbaev Street — from Ibraimov Street to Osmonkul Street.

The City Hall reminded that the second phase of the Development of Road Network project is designed for two years. During this time, it is planned to build five bridges and repair 60 streets with a total length of more than 70 kilometers. Many of them will be expanded or rebuilt; all of them will have sidewalks and an irrigation network.