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Sadyr Japarov: Reputation of judges fell to unprecedented level

Actions of judges that undermine impartiality, competence and justice, violate ethical norms of behavior, and other similar negative phenomena damage not only the reputation of individual servants of Themis, but also the reputation of the state as a whole. The President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov stated at an event dedicated to the Day of Workers of the Judicial System.

As the head of state noted, Kyrgyzstan needs a governance system that respects and implements the rule of law, bears responsibility for economic and political reforms and is primarily responsible to the people. He stressed that building of such a system is directly related to creation of a strong and transparent judicial system, independent of other branches of government.

At the same time, Sadyr Japarov said that the current state and reputation of the domestic judicial system had fallen to an unprecedented level.

«This is not a secret for anyone, and first of all, the judges are to blame. Today I came to talk with you face to face about ways to overcome the negative situation around the courts, eliminate the negative phenomena associated with judges, take the entire system out of the abyss and strengthen independence. Of course, these words may not be so pleasant on the professional holiday. But we have no time to choose, it is time to justify the hopes and trust of people, and we must work together to solve long-standing problems. Otherwise, history will not forgive us,» he said.

The President noted that a new Constitution would be adopted in the near future and serious constitutional reforms would be carried out in the country. According to him, the judiciary is a special state institution where the fate of thousands of people is decided. «It is important to prevent judicial errors, arrogance and corruption and effectively fight them,» he stressed.

«In accordance with them, more positive work on judicial reform is needed. By their decisions, the courts influence all aspects of life, and we need to create a real, not declarative, institutional and legal basis for development of the judicial system,» Sadyr Japarov added.