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At least 47 railway wagons with goods arrive in Kyrgyzstan from Urumqi

A large train has arrived in Kyrgyzstan from Urumqi (China) with a cargo of entrepreneurs for the first time since introduction of quarantine. The First Deputy Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Artem Novikov told about it on his Facebook page.

«Significant event. The first train with 47 containers from the PRC was met at Alamedin railway station. I would especially like to note the importance of the event, because these containers contain the cargo of Kyrgyz entrepreneurs, which was delivered by direct express from Urumqi. Users of social media have repeatedly pointed out the problem of cargo delivery on my pages. These containers contain the cargo of Dordoi shopping and entertainment complex businessmen and other entrepreneurs, who have experienced great difficulties with the delivery of goods from China over the past year,» he wrote.

According to Artem Novikov, following the instructions of the then Prime Minister, current President Sadyr Japarov, a lot of work has been carried out over the past three months, including negotiations with the PRC over the increase in the number of freight traffic.

As a result, as he noted, it has been possible so far to agree on two trains a month, which will deliver goods and cargo for businessmen.


The First Deputy Prime Minister stressed that the sanitary requirements introduced during the pandemic at Torugart checkpoint in Naryn and Irkeshtam checkpoint in Osh region affected the throughput capacity.

«It led to the fact that the goods did not reach the entrepreneurs. The Chinese side will build modern warehouses and disinfection points by the end of February at Irkeshtam checkpoint, which will increase the volume of transport traffic from 5-10 vehicles to 30 per day. We have not yet returned to the previous volumes, but we have already made a big step. We hope that all the decisions made by the government will be able to relieve tension and return sellers to full-fledged work,» he said.

Artem Novikov also said that in the future negotiations would be held to increase the number of train traffic to a thousand wagons per month. Negotiations over air transportation are also planned.