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Rally for dissolution of Parliament held in Bishkek

Protesters came to the parliament building in Bishkek. They demand dissolution of the Parliament of the sixth convocation. In their opinion, the current deputies have not justified confidence of the people. This convocation is called the weakest by activists.

«We know on what principles and on what lists these deputies came. Most of them don’t even hide that they paid $ 300,000-500,000 for the seat. This is the reason for corruption. They must leave,» a protester Anarbek Kataganov said.

The participants also demand changes in the electoral legislation. The state, in their opinion, should henceforth pay for election campaigns of deputies.

«So that not only those who have a lot of money can come to power, but also simple, ordinary people who are ready to serve the state, the people, and not those who come to return the money invested for five years,» Anarbek Kataganov said.

About 50 people participate in the rally.