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Personnel of SCNS of Kyrgyzstan switch to heavy security

The personnel of the State Committee for National Security of Kyrgyzstan (SCNS) switched to a heavy security mode in connection with the upcoming presidential elections and referendum. Press center of the state committee reported.

«The SCNS has an operational headquarters that constantly monitors the pre-election situation in the country. The personnel of the State Committee for National Security switched to heavy security mode of service. Interaction with local authorities and law enforcement agencies during the elections has been worked out,» the statement says.

Attention will be paid to the suppression of all kinds of provocations aimed at disrupting the elections.

«Measures to protect strategically important facilities have been stepped up. Together with law enforcement agencies and the Border Service, filtration work is being carried out in entry and exit of citizens in order to identify members of terrorist and religious extremist organizations, as well as in border areas to prevent conflict situations,» the State Committee for National Security said.

The special services urge citizens to refrain from distributing materials of a provocative nature and remind that their distribution is subject to criminal liability.

Early presidential elections and a referendum on determining the form of government will be held on the same day — January 10 in Kyrgyzstan.