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Director of Historical Museum of Kyrgyzstan suspended from office

Director of the Historical Museum, Keneshbek Almakuchukov, was suspended from office. He himself confirmed the information to 24.kg news agency.

It is known that he was removed from office 10 days ago in connection with the start of pre-trial proceedings on a tender in 2018 — an order for production of a uniform for line workers of the museum for the opening scheduled for August 31, 2018.

«This case has nothing to do with the cases related to major repairs, that is, before I came to the museum, and even more so to the current socio-political agenda. Over the past three years, the team has done a lot: they laid the foundations for a new corporate culture, and new business procedures and breakthrough projects are being drawn up and nurtured. Moving forward goes not without difficulties, because it is necessary to take employees out of their comfort zone. Everyone also knows that in 2016 there was a fire in the museum, which destroyed part of the values. The pre-trial proceedings have not yet been completed: there was either arson or fire due to violation of safety rules — there is still no answer. As well as there is no answer to our appeals about damaged and missing museum items,» Keneshbek Almakuchukov said.

Opening of the Historical Museum after the scandalous reconstruction has been postponed all the time.

In July 2018, the Prosecutor General’s Office opened a criminal case over the illegal use of budget funds allocated for the reconstruction of the building and the purchase of equipment for the State Historical Museum. The damage to the state amounted to 307,650,000 soms.

The charges were brought against high-ranking officials.

The Pervomaisky District Court of the capital (first instance) found the former Prime Minister Sapar Isakov guilty under Article 319 «Corruption» of the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic and sentenced him to 18 years in prison. He must pay the state 247,650,281 soms.

The ex-head of the Department of Civil Development, Religious and Ethnic Policy of the Presidential Executive Office, Mira Karybaeva, was found guilty under Article 320 «Abuse of official position» of the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic. She must pay the state a fine in the amount of 260,000 soms.