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Novikov: There will be no problems with external debt payments this year

«There will be no problems with fulfillment of government’s obligations on foreign debts,» acting Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Artem Novikov said at a meeting of the Parliament today.

According to him, all payments that were planned for 2020 are being made on time. An exception is those cases in which negotiations are underway over payment of the external debt. As of today, the Paris Club and six countries have agreed to grant a deferment, consultations are ongoing with other five. They are at the final stages.

«As soon as the final agreement is reached, agreements will be signed. As for the rest of the countries, various conditions are offered on interest. There are minimal conditions, at the level of rate of the International Development Association. As soon as we agree, we will come to the Parliament for approval of restructuring. If we do not reach an understanding at the consultations, then we have an understanding of the reserves, we will cover these amounts,» Artem Novikov stressed.