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Number of suicides among minors grows one and a half times in Kyrgyzstan

Number of suicides among minors is growing in Kyrgyzstan. Nurzhan Adylova, head of the Youth Liaison Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic, told 24.kg news agency.

According to her, compared to 2019, there is an increase by 50 percent. «I will not voice the statistics, but the increase was registered in Chui, Osh, Jalal-Abad and Issyk-Kul regions. About 70 percent of those who commit suicide are schoolchildren. We conduct internal investigations into each fact. The main reason is quarrels with parents, they are mostly children of migrants, children living with one of the parents,» Nurzhan Adylova said.

She added that the last such incident occurred on November 19 in Oktyabrsky district of Bishkek. A boy born in 2009 hanged himself.

There are also silly cases. The sister saw how her little brother was smoking and said that she would tell the father. The teenager got scared and committed suicide.

Nurzhan Adylova

Information appeared on Facebook about death of a 17-year-old guy who, allegedly, played Momo game and hanged himself, leaving a suicide note in English. He deliberately filmed himself.

Nurzhan Adylova said that, as of today, there were no facts of child suicide because of any game in Kyrgyzstan. «We carry out preventive work together with pedagogical teams, we appeal to parents through classroom chats, we ask not to leave their children unattended in the conditions of distance learning. Pay more attention to your children, communicate, watch movies together, be more careful, do useful things, do sports and do not use violence. It is difficult time for children now, they are in social isolation,» she advised parents.