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Madamin Karataev: Paramedics queue for job in regions of Kyrgyzstan

There is an oversupply of nursing staff in many regions of Kyrgyzstan, except for Bishkek and Osh cities. Deputy Minister of Health of Kyrgyzstan, Madamin Karataev, announced at an online forum.

According to him, 27 medical colleges have been opened in the republic. «This is a lot. First of all, we need to talk not about the number of medical educational institutions, but about the quality of training, about how much the acquired knowledge is in demand by practical healthcare,» the deputy minister said.

He noted the imbalance between the training of nursing professionals and the need for staff. «There is a line of people who want to get a job in Naryn or Batken, for example. This should not be. It is necessary to work with the heads of educational institutions and workers of practical health care to eliminate the imbalance,» Madamin Karataev stressed.

More than 33,000 paramedics work in the state system as of today.

Participants of the forum noted that thanks to the tightening of licensing requirements, not a single new medical college has been opened in the country since 2018. Many applied, but did not meet the requirements (availability of material, technical and clinical bases, equipment).