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Antibiotics detected in milk and meat in Kyrgyzstan

Antibiotics are detected in milk and meat in Kyrgyzstan. The head of the State Veterinary Supervision Department of the State Veterinary Inspection Tolon Yrsaliev told at a press conference.

According to him, the State Veterinary Inspection implements a state food monitoring program. «Inspectors take samples of products, raw materials, which are sent to laboratories. They are very often detected in milk, sometimes in meat,» he said.

Tolon Yrsaliev added that Kyrgyzstan provided for state registration of veterinary pharmacies, sale of veterinary drugs by prescription. «The information system for identification of animal tracking is being finalized, where the potential for formation of prescriptions in digital format is visible. When forming prescriptions, a QR code will be generated, which will not allow reuse of recipes. In the future, this will improve the quality of services and influence the illegal movement of veterinary drugs,» he said.

The head of the department added that retrofitting of veterinary laboratories was being carried out with the support of FAO, as well as the acquisition of reference strains, and work to improve the qualification of the staff of veterinary laboratories and veterinary specialists. «After that, the State Veterinary Inspectorate will have one more tool — the state program for monitoring antimicrobial resistance. It will identify problem areas, measures to reduce resistance to antimicrobial drugs,» he said.