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Health Ministry not able to control sale of antibiotics without prescriptions

The Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan does not have an ability to control the sale of antibiotics without a prescription in pharmacies. The deputy head of the ministry Erkin Checheibaev told at a press conference.

«Ban on the sale of antibiotics without a prescription is legislatively imposed, but the Department of Drug Supply of the Ministry of Health has no resources to check pharmacies for the implementation of the law. We can’t put an official in each of them,» he noted.

Erkin Checheibaev said that the ministry regularly conducted explanatory work with pharmaceutical companies. «Owners of pharmacies understand the importance and need for the rational use of antibiotics,» he said.

The law prohibits sudden checks; the Drug Supply Department can check the pharmacies once a year with prior notice. «But if there are statements from the public about the over-the-counter sale of antibiotics, the department will have an opportunity for check,» the deputy minister added.

In 2015, a new procedure for writing out prescriptions was approved, which prohibits sale of antibiotics without a prescription.