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Vladimir Putin signs agreement on pension provision of EAEU workers

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a federal law on ratification of the agreement on pension provision of workers of the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union. The Kremlin press service reports.

The document provides that a member state of the EAEU pays a worker a pension based on his or her work experience acquired on the territory of this state. At the same time, formation of the worker’s pension rights and granting of a pension are carried out on the same conditions as for citizens of this state.

If the length of employment acquired on the territory of a member state of the Union is not enough for the worker to have the right to a pension in accordance with the legislation of that state, it is allowed to take into account the length of service of the worker in the territories of other member states of the EAEU (except for cases when such work experience coincides in time).

The agreement establishes that granting and payment of a pension in accordance with the legislation of one member state of the Union does not affect the worker’s right to the simultaneous granting and payment of a pension in accordance with the legislation of another EAEU state.