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Nature of Kyrgyzstan reminds Pakistani Muhammad Ismail Leghari of his homeland

A Pakistani Muhammad Ismail Leghari came to Kyrgyzstan to become a doctor. He is studying at the Medical Faculty of the International Medical University.

I was amazed by the natural beauty and the mountainous terrain, which reminds me of my homeland — Pakistan.

Muhammad Ismail Leghari

— What did you know about Kyrgyzstan before coming to the country?

— I learned about Kyrgyzstan at school thanks to the history of Islamic countries. I knew that the country has a similar nature and a high level of medical education. So I decided to come here.

— What were your first impressions when you came here?

Respect and love of your people for their country fascinated me.

Muhammad Ismail Leghari

— Do you already have favorite places?

— I love Bishkek city most of all and my International Medical University.

— What national dishes do you like the most?

— There is a very diverse cuisine in Kyrgyzstan. I especially like beshbarmak, manti, shorpo, oromo. But I miss our Pakistani fruits such as mango, guava here.

— Will you miss the country when you return to your homeland?

— Due to COVID-19 situation, I have already left for Pakistan. I currently continue my study remotely. I miss my classmates, teachers who treat us like family members. I would like to return to Kyrgyzstan.