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Saudi Arabia to lift ban on Umrah pilgrimage from November 1

Saudi Arabia plans to reopen its holiest sites for Umrah pilgrims from November. The muftiyat of Kyrgyzstan informed 24.kg news agency.

The day before, the authorities of this country announced a phased lifting of restrictions on visiting Al-Haram mosque (the main and largest mosque in the world, in the courtyard of which is located the main shrine of Islam — the Kaaba).

«The restrictions will be lifted in stages. From October 4, only residents of Saudi Arabia will be able to visit the Al-Haram mosque — about 6,000 people a day. From October 18, the number of local pilgrims will increase to 15,000. From November 1, depending on the epidemiological situation, foreigners will also be allowed to perform Umrah. Kyrgyzstan will be included in this list, if there is a stable epidemiological situation in our country,» the muftiyat said.

Saudi Arabia canceled Hajj this year due to the pandemic.