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Reconstruction of Bishkek - Kara-Balta road to be completed in 2020

Despite the impact of COVID-19 pandemic and introduced quarantine measures, the contractor plans to complete all asphalt-concrete paving work on Bishkek — Kara-Balta road in 2020. The Ministry of Transport and Roads of Kyrgyzstan informed 24.kg news agency.

To date, construction and maintenance of 45.1-kilometer Bishkek — Kara-Balta road section is being carried out by the contracting company China Railway No. 5. Asphalt is currently being laid in Sokuluk district and earthworks are carried out in Romanovka village.

«Due to the narrowing of the roadway, there are rush hour traffic jams on the construction site. In addition, laying of the last, top layer of asphalt concrete pavement began in 2020. Because of this, areas that already have a new pavement of the lower layer of asphalt concrete will be closed. To regulate traffic on these sections, the traffic police officers and the contractor’s traffic controllers are involved. Despite this, many drivers violate the traffic rules, leaving the carriageway and entering into the oncoming lane, which leads to traffic accidents and increases the length of traffic jams,» the Ministry of Transport said.

At the same time, the ministry notes that round-the-clock work is excluded in areas near settlements. The reason is the noise generated by heavy equipment. To reduce the burden on traffic density during the day, the contractor China Railway No. 5 delivers materials to construction sites at night.

«In addition, since September 2020, together with local authorities, a bypass road has been organized for light transport through Shopokov town and Romanovka village, which will relieve some of the traffic flow. Full-scale construction work is currently underway on the road, so we ask the drivers to take temporary inconveniences with understanding and observe traffic rules,» the ministry said.