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Asphalt paving starts at Kyzart pass on North - South highway

Asphalt concrete paving started at Kyzart pass in Epkin — Bashkuugandy section of the alternative North — South highway. Press service of the Ministry of Transport of Kyrgyzstan reported.

As noted, this area has only had a gravel surface since Soviet times.

The ministry stressed that the asphalt-concrete pavement on Kyzart pass will provide improved traction of tires with the road, which will make the journey more stable and comfortable for drivers and passengers, and ultimately contribute to the overall safety of the site.

The main works on Epkin — Bashkuugandy section are now underway in Kochkor district and Dzhumgal district, and asphalt has been laid up to Kyzart pass from Chaek village.

Construction and maintenance work on Epkin — Bashkuugandy section is being carried out by China Railway No. 5.

The contract between the general contractor China Railway No. 5 and the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Kyrgyz Republic was signed on September 23, 2021. As of today, the contractor has completed laying 35 kilometers of asphalt concrete pavement of the bottom layer and 8 kilometers of asphalt concrete pavement of the top layer.

The Ministry of Transport added that the construction of Epkin — Bashkuugandy road section is financed by the Asian Development Bank as part of the project for the construction of the alternative North-South highway.