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Kyrgyz triathletes plan to cover 1,600 kilometers

Kyrgyz triathletes are going to cover almost 1,600 kilometers across the republic for a week.

Ironman triathlon competitions are popular in the world. Participants swim 3.86 kilometers without a break, cycle 180.25 kilometers and run 42 kilometers 195 meters. At least finishing Ironman race, no matter at what place, is considered honorable. This is an indicator of great endurance and strength.

Kyrgyzstanis Yulia Fernas and Aibek Nadyrbekov plan to cover the Ironman distance every day for a week. They will start on September 14 in Issyk-Kul, visit all regions and finish in Bishkek on September 20. In total, they will swim 27 kilometers, travel 1,261 kilometers and run 295 kilometers.

«Nobody in Kyrgyzstan has ever done this. The 10-day Ironman race took place in Europe. The most famous case — 50 Ironman distances in a row across the United States. People are capable of many things. All restrictions are only in the head. We want to test ourselves, to know our limit. We spent a lot of time training. Now, shortly before the start, we are recovering and accumulating strength.» Yulia Fernas told 24.kg news agency.

Yulia Furnas and Aibek Nadyrbekov have good experience in triathlon — both have already overcome extreme distances.

Their team consists of 10 people, including a doctor and a bicycle mechanic. A professional cameraman will film the happening. «We will upload the video on the Internet, we hope the triathlon will become even more popular in the country. The video will show not only sports, but also the beauty of the Kyrgyz Republic — nature and monuments. This is our contribution to the development of tourism. Another goal is charity. We will organize raising of funds for the First Children’s Hospice,» Yulia Fernas said.

She added that the main sponsor of the event refused to participate. The athletes are currently looking for another one.