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Jerooy field development has nothing to do with pollution of rivers

Development of Jerooy deposit does not lead to pollution of Tush-Ashuu river, this accusation is unfounded. Alliance Altyn company stated.

It is clarified that the spread video recorded a natural phenomenon: turbidity of the river water with clay, sandy loam. These natural components did not come from the pit. Due to the heavy precipitation, the water from the mountains flows along Poselkovy stream, flows into Jerooy river and further into the Chon-Chychkan river.

«Representatives of Bekmoldo rural administration, accompanied by employees of Alliance Altyn company, inspected the source of pollution. Having visited Zapadny dump, the inspectors climbed to the level of 3,600 meters and made sure that rainwater makes streams and flows down the slopes. At the same time, small areas of embankment of technological roads were washed out, which cloud the water with clay, sandy loam and other natural components. The inspectors stated that surface water pollution is a natural flood,» the company informed.

As for blasting operations at the pit, they have not been carried out since July 23. However, even during blasting operations, the pit does not pollute the rivers: the distance from the pit to Jerooy river is more than 3.5 kilometers.

Earlier, residents of Alay and Talas showed polluted rivers. The authors of the video claim that they were polluted because of the mining of coal and gold. The video was posted by user Venera Kasymova on Facebook.