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Elections 2020: Emil Dzhuraev about request of parties for new faces

«Some parties have a request for new faces today,» a political analyst Emil Dzhuraev told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, by attracting new people, parties meet a fairly wide demand among society, the electorate for a total change of the elite, new faces and leaders. But, based on experience, judging from how voting is conducted, how the electorate behaves during elections, there are many risks. Much will depend on what kind of communication will go on, what meanings, what proposals the parties will carry before the elections.

«If they convey the idea of ​​betting on new leaders convincingly for the people and will be able to convince that, in fact, changes in the country are possible, then there are quite serious prerequisites for success,» the political scientist stressed.

Emil Dzhuraev also excludes the fact that at the expense of new faces and youth parties are simply trying to get into Parliament, and then they will try to get rid of them.

«I don’t think these people are naive enough to be deceived. Of course, some kind of bargaining and compromises are inevitable, that’s why it is politics. But, in my opinion, now, on the contrary, there is a request from party leaders for stable and firm cooperation with groups of young people,» Emil Dzhuraev said.