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Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan announces decline in incidence of COVID-19

A decline in the incidence of COVID-19 and community-acquired pneumonia is registered in Kyrgyzstan, but we should not relax. The Head of the Public Health Department of the Ministry of Health, Ainura Akmatova, told 24.kg news agency.

«The bitter experience that we all went through should be a lesson. When, after quarantine, everyone went out into the streets, to supermarkets, large shopping centers, cafes, everything turned into bad figures after 14 incubation days. The number of people infected depends on how many places a person visits. The virus moves along the trajectory of human movement. If 500 infected people do not stay at home, do not observe isolation, they will continue to infect,» she said.

Ainura Akmatova added that it is necessary to continue to comply with basic requirements: wear masks, wash hands, observe social distancing, limiting visits to crowded places. «Many Kyrgyzstanis, seeing the statistics on morbidity, mortality, began to observe self-isolation and other precautions. This is also one of the factors that contributed to the decrease in the cases of COVID-19,» she said.

Recall, 33,296 cases of COVID-19 and community-acquired pneumonia have been registered over the entire period in Kyrgyzstan. At least 21,205 people have recovered, and 1,301 have died.