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Coronavirus in Kyrgyzstan: Lack of doctors, ventilators, places in hospitals

Five medical workers of the ambulance service got infected with coronavirus. The Chief Doctor of the Center for Emergency Medicine, Iskender Shayakhmetov, told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, 34 ambulance teams are working. «The number of calls reaches 5,000 a day. At least 138 calls associated with pneumonia were registered on the night of June 30, and from June 30 to July 1 — 63 calls. We have enough cars,» Iskender Shayakhmetov told.

There are always 5-6 cars in reserve, but there is a lack of people. 47 doctors are ill. Five of them have COVID-19.

Iskender Shayakhmetov

He added that there is also a big problem with hospitalization of patients with pneumonia. «Those places that hospitals provide us with are occupied each day before noon. There is no place to transport people to. Hospital No. 6 does not admit patients, as well as the Kyrgyz-Turkish hospital. Hospitals become full of pneumonia patients very quickly,» Iskender Shayakhmetov said.

He stressed that pneumonia is a manifestation of coronavirus.

«But our statistics on people with pneumonia can be inaccurate. I can give only approximate data, and these are those whom our doctors managed to serve. For example, 350 calls were received on Monday, 260 of them are transferred to the next day. Someone gets to hospital on their own,» Iskender Shayakhmetov said.

The doctor explained that there are not enough beds in intensive care units. «Yesterday I called hospital No. 1 to say that I have one patient in serious condition, and they answered that they have no place. Six extra patients are in intensive care unit,» Iskender Shayakhmetov told.

At least 439 new cases of COVID-19 were registered for a day in Kyrgyzstan, 5,735 in total.