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Additional 553 beds prepared for patients with pneumonia in Bishkek

There are enough places in the country’s medical institutions, there is no reason for panic. This, based on information from the Ministry of Health, was announced by the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, Kubatbek Boronov, at an extraordinary meeting of the Republican Emergency Response Center.

«In recent days, the number of people infected with COVID-19 has risen sharply. Especially a lot of cases are observed in Bishkek and Osh cities. I want to say right away that as of today there are enough places in hospitals. The forecasts of specialists and our timely work allowed us to prepare,» he said.

According to the Ministry of Health, at least 1,047 beds out of 1,976 prepared in the country’s medical institutions are occupied throughout the republic as of June 28, 2020.

In addition, 120 beds were prepared for those infected with COVID-19 in Vorontsovka, 600 — at the former Gansi airbase, as well as in Ak-Keme Hotel, City Hospital No. 1 and other places.

«The number of people with pneumonia is increasing. There are 289 such people up to date. Separate places were prepared for them — 553 beds in total. The relevant state bodies are preparing places in all regions,» the head of Government added.

The widespread concern about the lack of places is primarily due to the panic mood of individual citizens. It’s impossible to place everyone in hospitals.

Kubatbek Boronov

«There is an established algorithm that doctors strictly follow. Those who are prescribed home treatment should strictly follow the prescribed regime. They will be watched by district doctors,» he concluded.

COVID-19 was confirmed in 4,748 people in the republic for the entire period. At least 2,242 of them have recovered.