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Number of fires declines in Bishkek

The number of fires has significantly decreased in Bishkek over the last months. The head of the Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for Bishkek, Adilbek Chargynov, told 24.kg news agency.

He associates this with the fact that most people are at home amid the coronavirus outbreak. «They themselves monitor the work of household appliances, electrical equipment. In addition, children are under supervision. Thanks to this, large fires were avoided. Nevertheless, fires occurred and are taking place at economic facilities,» Adilbek Chargynov said.

He added that special equipment is daily involved in disinfection work. «Disinfection is carried out in all public places, in places of mass presence of people (shopping centers, markets, public service centers), at the final stops of public transport. We also go to the private sector, newly built quarters, disinfect entrances, courtyards, playgrounds,» the head of the Department of the Ministry of Emergencies said.