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Three more people die from coronavirus in Kyrgyzstan

Three more people died from coronavirus in Kyrgyzstan. Deputy Minister of Health Nurbolot Usenbaev told at a briefing.

According to him, a woman, 59, died in the Osh Interdistrict Hospital. She had many concomitant diseases: high blood pressure, hypertension, atherosclerosis. «She was admitted to the hospital with a high fever, difficulty in breathing. Before that, she was self-medicating. It is not known where and how she could become infected. She had multiple organ failure. Despite all the attempts of the doctors, she died,» he said.

Another man, 62, died in the Tyup Territorial Hospital. He was admitted to hospital on June 15 with acute respiratory viral infection and pneumonia. «He was in serious condition. According to the medical history, he had a fever, weakness from June 8. His condition worsened every day, he was transferred to intensive care unit, but, despite all the attempts and intensive care measures, he died,» he said.

Another man, 62, died in Kara-Suu district. «He had difficulty in breathing, fever since June 17. He turned to doctors, a PCR analysis for coronavirus was taken from him. At the same time, he received treatment in a private medical clinic in Osh and was prescribed treatment for the underlying disease. But his condition deteriorated sharply and, despite resuscitation and all kinds of help, he died,» he said.

At least 35 deaths from COVID-19 are registered in Kyrgyzstan over the entire period.