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Health Ministry: Controlled indolent epidemic observed in Kyrgyzstan

The Ministry of Health believes that their algorithms allow to curb the spread of coronavirus infection in Kyrgyzstan. The Deputy Minister of Health Nurbolot Usenbaev told at a briefing.

«The epidemiological surveillance system is designed to not miss imported cases. We place all arrivals in observation units, conduct questioning, specify addresses, then send the data to local healthcare organizations. A lot of work is also being done to find contact persons. This brings results: there is no wide spread among the general population,» the deputy minister said.

Nurbolot Usenbaev notes that there are some cases when the disease is detected in people who turned for help by themselves. «Patients cannot say exactly where they were in the last two weeks, with whom they talked. But these cases are being investigated, the circle of search for contact persons is expanding. In any case, attempts to find the source of infection do not stop,» he said.

The deputy minister added that there is currently a controlled indolent epidemic in the republic.

«But I don’t want to predict its end, there’s no exact opportunity to predict how the situation will develop. Imported cases are growing, contact cases are at substantial rates. The maximum number has been exceeded, but new cases are registered daily. Let’s wait with forecasting. Our scientists are working on this,» Nurbolot Usenbaev said.

A total of 1,594 COVID-19 cases have been registered in Kyrgyzstan as of May 28. At least 1,066 patients have been discharged after recovery, 16 people have died.