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iGov app and digital driver's license presented in Bishkek

iGov and Sanarip ID mobile applications, as well as a digital driver’s license and a cloud-based electronic signature have been presented in Bishkek. The State Communications Committee of Kyrgyzstan reported.

iGov is a new ecosystem of communication between people and the state, a space for receiving and managing state electronic services.

«When developing the concept products, experts took into account the experience of the analysis by Flurry Analytics, which found out that smart devices users spend 90 percent of their time on interacting with their mobile device in applications. We also used statistics on visits to the electronic services portal, the total number of unique users of which reached 636,133,» the state committee noted.

The iGov and Sanarip ID products will allow users to verify their identity by a digital signature, receive public services, and get in electronic queues to schools and hospitals. In addition, they can use banking services, an electronic wallet, and also show employees of the Interior Ministry a digital driver’s license along with a certificate of registration of the vehicle on their smartphones.