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Arrived from Sol-Iletsk mother and child hospitalized with coronavirus

A mother with a child who arrived from Sol-Iletsk (Russia) were hospitalized to the Infectious Diseases Hospital. The Republican Emergency Response Center reported.

They were transferred from the City Clinical Emergency Care Hospital.

«On May 11, ambulance delivered the child with acute enterocolitis without dehydration of moderate severity to the Emergency Care Hospital from Semetey observation unit. According to emergency indications, he was hospitalized with his mother in a separate ward with a separate exit and entrance (given the positive COVID-19 test of the child’s father),» the center noted.

Primary PCR tests were negative. But repeated tests showed a positive result.

Both of them were transferred to the Republican Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital.

«All precautionary measures have been met. The medical staff (doctor, two nurses) who provided care to the patient worked in personal protective equipment. The employees of the Center for Disease Prevention and the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance disinfected the premises,» the Emergency Response Center said.

Recall, 541 Kyrgyzstanis returned from Sol-Iletsk to the Kyrgyz Republic on May 7. At first, 55 of them have been diagnosed with coronavirus, three more cases were reported later.