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Number of infected with coronavirus grows by 77,000 people for a day

Number of people infected with novel coronavirus has increased by 77,206 over the last 24 hours. Data of an online map developed by scientists say.

Up to date, 3,193,886 people are infected with coronavirus globally. The highest number of the infected is in the United States (1,039,909), Spain (236,899), Italy (203,591), France (166,543), the UK (166,441) and Germany (161,539).

Coronavirus cases have been reported in 185 countries.

 As of today, the number of people who recovered from coronavirus exceeds 970,000 people. During the day, the figure grew by 44,061 people.

At least 227,638 people died from the virus (growth by 10,470 people per day), including 27,682 people — in Italy, 24,275 — in Spain and 26,097 — in the UK.

At least 746 cases of coronavirus have been registered in Kyrgyzstan, 3,138 cases — in Kazakhstan, 2,002 — in Uzbekistan, 99,399 — in Russia. All these states have closed their borders to prevent spread of the virus.

The World Health Organization has announced the global outbreak of coronavirus a pandemic.

The new type of coronavirus 2019-nCoV was discovered in late December in the Chinese Wuhan city. The source of infection were animals that were sold on the local market.