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Akun company suspends production of flour

Akun company announced today that it is forced to suspend production of flour at two plants — Akun and Bishkek Flour Mill. The statement was posted on the official page of the enterprise on social media.

The staff responsible for production of flour at the mill and loading at warehouses were repeatedly not passed through roadblocks. The company noted that, despite the fact that all the documents for obtaining passes have been submitted a week ago, they were not issued, and their documents were lost.

«In addition, our warehouses are full of bran, which occupies the entire flour production premises, as a result, it is impossible to continue production of flour. Bran is feed for livestock that farmers buy. If the government does not resolve the issue urgently, farmers will face big problems, which will lead to high meat prices,» the company says.

Akun company says that buyers, who purchase bran and free up the premises for further flour production, are not passed through roadblocks to the warehouses.

«We ask the government to take issue of passes for employees of flour production plants and farmers, who buy bran, under personal control,» the company says.

Shutdown of these two plants means a complete cessation of flour production.

The Commandant of Bishkek, Almaz Orozaliev, said today that entrepreneurs have obtained 2,700 passes. He believes that this is enough to ensure food security in the capital.