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Kyrgyzstan creates system of mass laboratory diagnosis of coronavirus

System of mass laboratory diagnosis of COVID-19 will be launched in Kyrgyzstan. The project is planned to be implemented at the expense of sponsors and entrepreneurs.

The cost of the first phase of the project is $ 578,173 per 50,000 laboratory tests for 20,000 patients. Fundraising is announced, everyone can take part in it.

An initiative group of entrepreneurs and philanthropists, together with the Republican Emergency Response Center for prevention of spread of coronavirus and the Ministry of Health, is launching a system of mass laboratory diagnosis of COVID-19.

In the context of declared pandemic, timely mass laboratory diagnosis of COVID-19 plays an important role, which is ultimately carried out in the acute phase by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method, this is the so-called gold standard.

According to the project, in the first phase, the laboratory diagnosis system will be launched based on 10,000 tests by the PCR method and 40,000 tests — by the method of immunochemiluminescent analysis (IHLA).

In this regard, the Ministry of Health, Laboratories of Bonetsky network and sponsors signed a memorandum on the operational implementation of COVID-19 diagnosis system.

Over the next few days, the diagnosis system using PCR and IHLA will be launched at the production base of Laboratories of Bonetsky. Necessary equipment, supplies and reagents will be purchased. All this will allow to build a system of mass diagnosis of the viral infection.

Tests will be taken from citizens for laboratory testing based on the referral of the Ministry of Health in the prescribed manner in Laboratories of Bonetsky network throughout the country.

Information on the regulations and places of taking the tests will be provided later.

24.kg news agency is the information partner of the project on launch of the system of mass laboratory diagnosis of coronavirus in Kyrgyzstan.