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Coronavirus in Kyrgyzstan: Streets disinfected in Kara-Balta city

Public places, sidewalks have been treated with chlorinated water in Kara-Balta city. Press service of the City Hall reported.

In connection with the threat of spread of coronavirus in the city, disinfection of public places was carried out. Streets, sidewalks, adjacent part of the bus stops, territory of the market, territorial hospital and the Combined Family Medicine Center of Zhaiyl district have been treated with chlorinated water.

«The work was carried out jointly with the Ministry of Emergencies. A special vehicle, filled with chlorinated water, drove out three times. Its capacity is 4 tons of water. The dilution ratio is 10 kilograms of chlorine per 1 ton of water,» the City Hall said.

As of today, at least 14 cases of coronavirus have been registered in the country. An emergency situation regime has been introduced in the republic.