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Business Ombudsman starts accepting complaints from entrepreneurs

The Institute of Business Ombudsman of Kyrgyzstan has begun accepting complaints from entrepreneurs. Press service of the organization reported.

Business may complain about the action (including decision) or inaction of state bodies, local authorities, public sector enterprises and officials.

Complaints can be submitted through the form on the official website of the Business Ombudsman or sent to the email aryz@boi.kg .

In addition, you can complain in writing through postal services to the address: Institute of Business Ombudsman, Bishkek, Ibraimov Street 103, or personally contact the office of the Business Ombudsman.

«Any business entity can file a complaint if their rights, freedoms or legitimate interests have been violated by state bodies,» the statement says.

The Business Ombudsman considers complaints from entrepreneurs against a government agency, local government, public sector enterprise, or an official, as well as pre-trial complaints that are not at the stage of judicial / arbitral consideration and there are no court / arbitral decisions on them. At the same time, the business entity filing the complaint must use at least one existing mechanism for administrative resolving of the complaint. The application must be filed no later than one year from the date of entry into force of the appealed document, an action or inaction (decision) by a state body.

The Business Ombudsman does not consider complaints that are at the stage of judicial or arbitral proceedings, or in respect of which judicial or arbitral decisions have been made. In addition, complaints about the legality and / or validity of any court decisions, rulings and judgements that arose in the framework of economic relations between business entities are not considered. The Institute does not accept complaints, within which the business entity has not used at least one opportunity of an accessible administrative appeal in accordance with the legislation and internal rules of the party against which the complaint is filed, and those that are filed later than one year from the date of entry into force of the appealed document, action or inaction (decision) by the state body," Office of the Business Ombudsman stressed.